Parking Survey

Hello! Thank you for your interest in being part of the solution for Wilmington’s parking woes. Working collaboratively with Mayor Purzycki and Councilmember Maria Cabrera, your input below will be part of the process as we work towards solutions.

First, I am going to share a super quick synopsis of the parking solutions proposed so far by the Mayor (his full press release is here):

  1. Reducing the parking ticket fine from $40 to $25
  2. Reducing frequency of street cleaning (perhaps once a month)
  3. Reducing the number of Residental Parking Permit (RPP) zones (eliminating some, reducing others)
  4. Simplifying the free RPP registration and re-registration (issuing permits that are good for 2 years)
  5. Notification by City about upcoming RPP expirations and renewals (adding email and text notification in addition to snail mail)
  6. Resumption of issuing RPP car stickers that must be displayed so neighbors are aware when a non-registered vehicle is on their street
  7. Revamping/expanding the appeal process for online submission
  8. Revamping the towing process (increase storage time to two months, allow 24-hour retrieval of personal items from vehicles, waiving ticket fines if title lost to towing company)
  9. Friendlier signage (free parking after 5pm instead of 6pm in commercial/entertainment areas

Additionally, I am working on legislation that would:

  1. Mandate the Finance Department to advise someone who just received a parking permit exactly when their permit expires
  2. Legislation mandating the Finance Department to advise someone who received a parking ticket all avenues of their appeal rights, up to and including JP Court
  3. Legislation preventing a resident who received a parking permit within the last 3 months from having to reapply, even if their zone timeframe expires.

Most of the complaints I have received from folks who received a parking ticket would be addressed by those 3 items of legislation.

OK, now onto the short survey! Thank you!

-James Spadola (10/15/22)