James served nearly a decade with the Newark Police Department. A community outreach and crime prevention specialist, James knows the value of law enforcement engaging the community and forming neighborhood partnerships to prevent and solve crime. James will advocate for Wilmington police officers to be issued take-home cars (cars that officers keep at their personal residence) to both 1) deter crime and 2) incentivize officers to continue to reside in the City past the required 5 years. Additionally, to help Wilmington Police recruit and compete for highly qualified police candidates, James will support a year-round application process which is currently not in place.

During his time as a police officer, James was a certified Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) officer. He knows that a great way to reduce crime are lighting, lighting and more lighting. James would support and expand efforts to light up sidewalks and parks throughout the City, and has already helped build partnerships to do so in Wilmington.

James has a multitude of experience setting up youth programs with many community centers in Wilmington to help educate our children while giving them a foundation to succeed in school and life. James would support expanding programming at the Hicks Anderson Community Center in West Center City with educational programs designed to teach youth the skills needed to survive in tomorrow’s economy.

James has a long record of helping residents navigate City services, assisting public housing residents and their neighbors, and resolving neighborhood issues. Phone calls and emails will be responded to in a timely manner, and followed up on.

As an avid guitarist himself, James is keenly aware of the benefits that the arts, music, and culture provide to the citizens of Wilmington in maintaining a vibrant quality of life and bringing in visitors.

The son of a small business owner, James will work with small business owners to ensure the City is streamlining the permitting process to encourage business growth and livable wage jobs. James will work to repeal unnecessary regulation that impedes growth, and will advocate for the Wilmington business community in Dover.

Volunteer with Us

Thank you so much for your willingness to help our campaign. It means the world to James for people to help however they can. Hosting a yard sign, having a meet and greet, or just passing along a kind word to a neighbor – it all matters!