Data analytics and technology

Embrace the use of data analytics and technology in identifying and preventing fraud. Create partnerships with regional data science companies to combat fraudulent and wasteful spending. 


Relationship building

Increase the cooperation between legislators, government agencies, and the Auditor’s Office. Encourage and assist our legislators and cabinet secretaries with conducting a deep fiscal analysis of government agencies to root out wasteful and inefficient spending. 



Attract and retain talent by revitalizing and incentivizing the Auditor’s Office employees with a “mission first, workers always” culture. Pursue a student loan forgiveness program in exchange for years of service.



Work with the non-profit community to develop metrics to ensure grant-in-aid funding (approximately $45 million annually) only goes to the best performing non-profits.



Maintain the independence of the office – it is imperative that the “fiscal watchdog” office not be subject to the pressures of the governing political party. In this overwhelmingly Democratic state, the Republican Party must retain this office to maintain vital checks and balances on fraud, waste, and fiscal abuse in this state.


Service and Integrity

James has taken two oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution: the first when he joined the Army Reserve because of 9/11 when he was 19 and a freshmen at the University of Delaware, and the second when he became a police officer with the Newark, DE Police Department in 2008. No other candidate has shown the commitment to public service that James has.