GOP Candidate Opposes GOP Social Platform; Plans LGBT Meet and Greet

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Wilmington, DE (July 26, 2016) – “Over the past few months, I have had the privilege of speaking with concerned residents from Wilmington to Claymont about the many issues facing Delaware. The raging heroin epidemic, shootings in Wilmington, a failing education system, and a lack of livable-wage jobs weigh heavily on the minds of everyday Delawareans. What is NOT on the forefront of people’s minds are the bedroom activities of consenting adults, nor what bathroom someone is using. I wholeheartedly condemn and reject the National GOP’s continued gravity towards issues that do nothing to fix the plight of the everyday, equality-deserving American. GOP candidates offer real solutions to the problems that Delawareans suffer under the one-party rule; however, our message will continue to get muddied as long as the GOP tangles itself up with social issues.

I look forward to discussing my Pro-LGBT Rights Platform at our campaign’s LGBT (and Allies) meet and greet on Tuesday, August 9th from 6pm-8pm at 1401 Pennsylvania Ave, Wilmington, DE 19806.”